Tee Land

History of Tee land started during 1980s as a general electrical contractor in Singapore. Later it was felt by Tee Land that there were shortcomings in the service of real estate, The Tee land Limited was established and start working for expectations of people to get their dream home. The Tee Land had grown very fast as was meeting all the aspects of the real estate. Now the Tee land is a full-fledged real estate developer, expertise in designing and developing real estate meeting the expectations of its investors.

Tee Land Developer for Rezi 35

The real estates designed by Tee Land are admired, and are chosen for their wonderful and safest designs. The Tee Land delivers high quality and expert engineering projects of real estate, and is proved real estate developer of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam. The Tee Land projected itself as a maiden choice of the investors in the field of real estate across the oceans and make presence in Australia and New Zealand also. Tee Land is the developer for Rezi 35 at Geylang. Another developer is KSH Holdings

Rezi 35 Geylang by Tee Land and KSH Holdings

The investment in real estate is a long term investment and might it include your whole life savings. The Tee Land respects your choice and provide your dream through its best work in the field of design, architecture and engineering. While developing the real state the Tee land take care of all the basic facilities plus upgraded facility for the more comfortable life journey.
The real estates developed by Tee Land are unique and having all the necessary facilities including high quality sanitation, transportation, good spacing, environmentally friendly, well social status and most importantly the developed real estates are disaster prone and are approved by regional housing standard approval unit. The Tee Land is conscious about your safety so the designs made by architectures are first tested and then build.

Tee Land Developer Geylang Rezi 35

This is why the Tee land has created a milestone in the field of real estate and housing across the continents. The Tee land has also listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange and Tee Land’s investor has shown faith in it for its high quality services in the field of real estate.

In future also Tee Land is pledged to develop the dreams of its real estate investors. Tee Land as a leading real estate builder assure its investors about the highly maintained properties and Tee Land ensures full satisfaction of its beloved investor’s expectation in acquiring his/her real estate property. The Tee Land provides the services of real estate to its investors to build their dream. And will love to be first choice of real estate investor.

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